Today is an era wherein Cyber has already made its presence --- where new technologies have made all forms of communications inexpensive, individual, instantaneous and interactive. These technologies have totally changed the way we work and live, and the speed of this transformation is ever accelerating.
The future is no more to be an extension of past, and success lies in developing new methods and strategies. Over the years, Udaan has built bridges of information, contacts and opportunities, and these have been invaluable in developing the competetiveness of Udaan.
In an effort to serve you even better - We now assume a key role in Visa facilitation, a role that depends on our agile services and innovation, in terms of bringing this website to you. Doing business in this century is about Speed --- reduced processing time, rapid operation cycles and very importantly immediate access to informations.
Being influenced by these new dynamics, we bring to you this site which enables you to browse and find the necessary Visa requirements - for specific categories, to be update with whats latest in the Visa Vocation. Above all reach your own home page, wherein you can check the status of your cases / documents without having to call us or await our case reports.
We are happy to share this with you, as for us It is the start of a new journey and a new adventure

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